I work with teenagers. Apparently one of them snapped this photo last Friday as I was standing on the 2nd floor, watching them hang posters down below in celebration of women’s history month.

They keep me sane. I have want to live a life of hope when I am standing in front of their beginner’s eyes. This picture is a reminder of my students looking up to me and needing to be a strong example of how to live your life well despite challenges.

And I look truly happy here. So there’s that.


  1. Wow, bad English (and I’m an England-er), I meant, IS there not a queue….. (or ARE there not queues of men).
    Unfortunately I’m in London, otherwise I’d be stalking your a**….!!!


    1. I knew you were British when you used the word “queue.” We only use that word on Netflix! I have a question, Karl. Why do you guys have the worst food in the world? Haha. Like THE WORST.


  2. It’s true, no defence lol. I served on an American airbase in Germany for 3 years and was asked that question a lot, along with “why do you Brits have such bad teeth (apart from you)?” (my teeth were judged to be acceptable by American standards). The only thing I can think of is that we Brits were far too preoccupied with Imperialism and conquering the world, rather than building a decent base of cuisine. Thankfully, we once ‘owned’ India and then in the 1950s thousands came over here from India and brought curry – which is now our national favourite dish!!!

    p.s. yes we invented the queue system, that’s one thing we are definitely proud of lol.


    1. Maybe we’re just snotty Americans. We might still be a little miffed over King George. I’ve actually been to the UK 4x. My cousin lives in Newcastle and I used to have a friend in Canterbury.


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