Buddhism Essays

I was baptized and raised Melkite Catholic, but by young adulthood I knew it wasn’t speaking to me. Although I married a Buddhist and agreed to raise our children as such, I didn’t think I needed to practice anything and was content to not commit to anything organized. But in 2016, when my husband unexpectedly died and left me a 34-year-old widow, I took over his job of taking the children to dharma school and inadvertently began listening and learning. I soon realized it was exactly what I needed to ease my personal suffering. It didn’t feel like a religion. It was learning tools to navigate this world. A lifeboat to survive the choppy waters. A way to find happpiness and joy and meaning in this life no matter what happens to us.

My Writings on Buddhism:

Getting started reading about Buddhism.

An Accidental Realization published on Everyday Buddhist. 6/14/21. Also found on Buddhists Churches of America.

Repetiton and Release– A Type of Detox published on Everyday Buddhist. 6/28/21

How to Be Consistently Spiritual.

Remembering Non-Self in the North Grove. Published on Everyday Buddhist. 11/1/21


My Writings Specifically on Shin Buddhism:

Searching for Amida Part 1 published on Everyday Buddhist. 9/20/21

Finding Amida Part II.

Sitting with Amida Part III.


Essays I Find Helpful (written by the experts!):

“What is Amida Buddha?” By Rev. Nobuo Haneda



Weekly Wheel


For More Learning:

Everyday Buddhist-– self-paced courses

BCA Center for Buddhist Education— YouTube seminars