Grief Essays

Modern Loss. Holy Shit, I’m Single Again.

Tiny Buddha Article.  Surviving Loss: You Always Have Choice

Thank You For Your Time. 4/24/21

Four Years. 4/27/20

The Third Year. 4/23/19

When We Are Honest. 9/12/18

A New Season. 8/17/18

26 Months. 6/24/18.

That Thing Called Fear. 5/17/18

About the Donuts. 4/8/18 (parenting and grief)

Finding Toughness in the Raw. 3/24/18

The Pain That Centers Us. 2/25/18

The Selfishness of My Grief. 2/3/18

PD Day. 1/27/18.

Holidays after Death. 12/20/17

Coco: What It Means to the Living. 11/26/17

The Missing. 10/16/17

The Math of Only Parenthood. 10/09/17

The Loneliness of Grief. 9/29/17

Marriage. 9/10/17

The Glasses. 9/6/17

The Re-Do. 7/9/17

Shedding My Skin. 7/5/17

Restlessness. 6/26/17

Dear Kenneth. 4/27/17

The Expiration Date for Grief. 4/22/17

Riding the Waves. 4/5/17

Let Me Tell You What It Is Like. 3/16/17

Shikata Ga Nai. 2/13/17

Broken. 12/13/16

Life without Kenneth. 10/18/16


If you’re tired of grief, some inspiration:

Neil Gaiman’s Make Good Art