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Published on Vox. The best $3,000 I ever spent: Surgery for a cat I never wanted. 4/10/22

Published on Lion’s Roar. Finding the Dharma. 8/17/22

Published on Modern Loss. Holy Shit, I’m Single Again. 3/22/18

Published on Tiny Buddha: Choosing Now to Be Happy: Why the Conditions Are Never Perfect. 4/25/21

Published on Tiny Buddha: Your Story Shapes Your Life–And You Can Change It At Any Time. 11/26/18

Published on Tiny Buddha: The Betrayal of Expectations: When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned. 1/9/18

Published on Tiny Buddha: Dealing with a Big Disappointment: How to Soften the Blow and Move On. 8/1/22

House of Teresa Essays: 

The Charioteer. 6-23-22

The Damn Shoe. 6-6-22

Hello, June. 6-3-22

April Showers. 4-25-22

The Doors We Walk Through. 3/27/22

40. 2/24/22

House Arrest. 1/25/22

A Christmas Wish. 11/24/21

1+1+1+1+1. 10/17/21

November. 11/17/21

The Fruit of Our Labor. 9/6/21

The Yellowjacket in Me. 8/1/21

Just a Tadpole in a Fishbowl. 7/10/21

The Ocean, My Mentor. 6/10/21

Thank You For Your Time. 4/24/21

Learning Non-Attachment at the  Swimming Pool. 3/30/21

Rebirth. 3/14/21

Birthday Wishes. 2/23/21

Clinging. 2/2/21

A New Year. 1/11/21

Dear Heterosexual Men. 12/27/20

Three-Letter Word. 12/22/20

Thanksgiving Cast Away. 11/27/20

Lessons from Kindergarten Zoom. 11/24/20

Tiny Story on World Kindness Day. 11/13/20

Our Teddy. 10/26/20

Keep the Inheritance. 9/23/20

The Pause. 9/4/20

Leaning in, Letting Go. 8/15/20

Wayfarer. 7/19/20

Moving an Inch. 6/27/20

The Risk Management of Life. 6/10/20

Kittens and Butterflies. 5/30/20

A Mother’s Love.5/10/20

Chaos Management. 4/18/20

The Proverbial Cage. 4/4/20

Two Weeks In: Confessions from Quarantine. 3/28/20

This I Know. 3-20-20

Four Out of Five. 2.29.20

On the Corner of Optimistic and Jaded. 2/10/20

First Post of the Year. 1/29/20

What is This Teaching Me? 12/5/19

The Waiting. 10/27/19.

Spectacularly Ordinary. 9/28/19

Handling Uncertainty. 9/2/19

Starting Over. 8/12/19

The Recital of Life. 7/16/19

Me and My Expectations. 6/18/19

I am a Crumpled Paper. 3/26/19

37. 2/25/19

Desperately Seeking the Bright Side. 2/2/19

A Curated Life. 12/30/19

Dinner Tables and Gratitude. 11/22/18

Your Voice Matters. 11/5/18

The New from the Old. 10/25/18

Shut Her Up. 9/26/18

Hollowness. 9/22/18

Stay in Your Lane. 9/10/18

Wear the Coffee Pants. 8/27/18

The Rest of Your Life to Get There. 7/27/18

The Invasion of the Fern Plant. 7/2/18

Becoming a Lotus Flower in the Mud. 6/28/18

Are You Having Fun Yet? 6/10/18

Finding Open Doors. 6/1/18

Screw the Boxes. 5/29/18

I Don’t Need Mother’s Day. 5/9/18

The Roads We Choose. 3/16/18

Love is Spiritual. 3/11/18

Exposure: The Building Blocks of Life. 3/5/18

Valentine’s Day with Myself. 2/14/18.

Reserving Judgment. 1/18/18.

Taming of the Longing. 1/6/18

The Physics in My Life. 12/17/17

Why Can’t You Admit That You’re Wrong? 12/12/17

What They Won’t Tell You. 12/10/17

The Light in Pain. 11/30/17

If I Have to Celebrate Thanksgiving… 11/22/17

Dear Millennials, Please Save Our Schools. 11/17/17

Christmas This Year. 11/15/17

Raising a Daughter. 11/6/17

The Vanishing Self Syndrome. 9/25/17

Happiness Imposter. 9/21/17

When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned. 8-27-17

The Road I’m On. 8/20/17

Race and Dating. 8/18/17

Dear Punk Sibling. 8/11/17

The Wimpy Texter. 7/19/17

The Re-Do. 7-9-17

Wanderlust and Roots. 7/8/17

Shedding My Skin. 7-6-17

Traveling. 6/7/17

A Letter to Young Women. 5/21/17