You Can.

“Deep in your wounds are seeds, waiting to grow beautiful flowers.” -Niti Majethia A few weeks ago I was knee-deep … More


Earlier this month, Ke Huy Quan (AKA Data from The Goonies, AKA Short Round from Indiana Jones) won a Best … More


It’s my birthday and we’re in the middle of a big storm. A rain storm, that is, and by California … More

Keep On

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A Day of Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving, and for some people—it is maybe even safe to say for a lot of people— this can … More

September Thoughts

The beginning of this month was consumed with talk of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. Even here, stateside, former colonies and … More

August Roundup

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Row Teresa

I don’t feel like I have anything profound to say this month. The last time I wrote, I was in … More