Post-First Draft

One day after finishing my first draft, I am now embarking on the lengthy journey of revision and editing. My first priority is to fix plot holes and character development. Also, getting rid of inconsistencies or anything that may confuse the story, and making sure each chapter reflects my vision for the story.

So, I pulled out my trusty butcher paper.

butcher paper

I highly recommend using it. I actually start off my work, before I even outline, laying out my ideas on a long piece of butcher paper. There is something about having a canvass to lay out your ideas all in one space that encourages creative juices to flow.

So today I tore off a paper and wrote down everything I could remember (aided by a running list of notes I took throughout the writing process) that needed to be done in revision. Mostly it was plot issues with some character problems to address. I’ll be keeping this sheet of paper and either posting it on the wall in my office, or keeping it folded in my outline folder where I can refer to it on the go.

Next step is to re-read each chapter, noting any changes I believe need to happen. Then, I need to figure out where the issues on the butcher paper need to go.

It will be a long process, but I think easier than writing the first draft. The first draft is the most emotionally taxing, even though it’s only a small step in the process.

My husband asked me today about what formula I follow as far as writing and revising. The answer is there is no formula. I’ve read a lot of books about writing, I’ve synthesized a lot of ideas, I’ve written before and after reading, I’ve done it, tried new things…and now this is what is working for me…so far. The answer is you have to evolve your own method. I don’t believe copying a formula will work for most people. If it does, more power to you.

Okay, off to start reading chapter 1 before my little gremlin wakes up from her nap. Have a great rest of your Sunday everyone.

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