Saturday Pep Talk

Dear Self,

Today you finished draft 1 of your story. It feels like a huge accomplishment, and yet you still see a long road ahead of you before the novel is “done.” Don’t lose sight of your goal. Focus on the end, but enjoy the process. Stay disciplined. You pumped out 4,000 words today. You got up at 3:30AM every day this past week to write. You put in the work. There’s a lot more to do, but you’ve got your habits working well for you right now. Keep it going. Slowly but surely. An object in motion stays in motion. Learn from last year when you participated in and finished your draft but tossed it aside.

Feed your creative soul and don’t get bogged down in only work. Dream. Journal. Imagine. Read. Think. Do other activities. But whatever you do–

Don’t stop working on getting to your end-goal of a beautifully polished novel that looks and reads and feels exactly the way you envisioned it would in your mind.

Way to go. Pat yourself on the back. Keep on going.


Your Observing Ego

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