Saturday Pep Talk

Dear Self,

Draft 1 is finished and slightly cooled. You have an entire legal pad filled with notes after reading through it and making comments about what needs to happen to fix the plot. Now it’s time to move on to implementation.

Warning: do not try to race to finish line without getting quality work done. It won’t help you finish sooner. It will derail you and make the process take longer.

You woke up this morning thinking you’d neatly place your comments into draft 1 and then start working on draft 2. However, the more you stared at the cluttered six pages of handwritten notes just for chapter 1, you realized this wasn’t going to happen as soon as you visualized. Now you want to research films about dysfunctional families and pluck out common themes and get ideas before going back to the drawing board to re-write a scene you think has a flat setting. Do it. Take the time. Your gut feels like it will pay off.

Keep going…


Your Observing Ego

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