Today somebody referenced a “year of mourning.”

A what?!

I feel the tiptoeing around me and I’m inclined to make a PSA. I’ve heard comments about wearing my ring and when/if it should come off (it’s off). Last name (it’s the same…for now). Questions about decision-making (I’m still the boss). I’ve been told to just focus on the kids (what does that mean?).

So, to clarify. First, I was a woman before I got married. I’m a woman after marriage. I was never just a mother or just a wife. I know some people get lost in these roles, but I have fought hard to defy the stereotypes. As a woman, I reserve the right to not just be viewed as a mother or a widow and I fully intend to live my life as a woman (a relatively young one) who is ready to live my life.

As for Kenneth, he’s dead. I’m over it.

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