Home after  7 days away. Talking in choppy sentences. Too tired.

Feeling refueled, creatively speaking. Physically exhausted after 10 hour road-trip home with kids. But ideas running through my head like crazy. Stayed in an amazing vacation home perfect for writing, complete with copious amounts of bookshelves and views. Dreamed of my office with big windows overlooking the woods and a deck to step out on and sip coffee and read on cool mornings. Right here, please:


Wild blackberries, community gardens, and farmer’s markets where my kids can get their faces painted under the canopy of trees. Local bookstores and locally-grown coffee and food. Feeling inspired.

Today worked on:

-writing business plan. Googled a template and adjusted it for writing. Very useful to consider marketing plan, industry analysis, customer analysis, operations plan…the whole thing.

-typed out and expanded the brainstorming I did while camping in the Sequoias. Not much else I could do with three kids and the horrors of camping with littles. But, progressive made. Ideas vetted, nurtured, developed.

-revised a chapter

Now, time to relax.

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