20 Guilty Pleasures

1. Writing with the sound of rain outside.

2. Stretching out on your sleeping bag, in your tent, the sun just warming the morning air.

3. A hot cup of coffee in your favorite mug, coffee and sugar and milk proportions just right.

4. The smell of my baby fresh out of the bath.

5. The smell of our laundry after it has dried outside on the clothes lines.

6. Finding the first ripe fruit on your strawberry/blueberry/lemon/orange/whatever plant.

7. Landing at the airport coming home from a long trip.

8. The first day of summer vacation.

9. Getting a book in the mail.

10. Waking up on my birthday.

11. Making New Year resolutions.

12. Writing on the first page of a new journal.

13. A coke after a backpacking trip.

14. A compliment from somebody regarding your career or professional pursuits.

15. Putting on a new outfit and feeling great in front of the mirror.

16. A new shade of lipstick.

17. When the movie you’ve been waiting for comes out in the theaters.

18. Bookstores!

19. Finding an old picture that brings you back to old memories.

20. Giving birth and seeing your child for the first time.

Hey this is fun, I could go on and on. What are your guilty pleasures?

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