Writing Ideas

I’m working on revising this draft. I feel like the turtle raising the hare, but the turtle wins in the end, right?

I’m going through chapter by chapter looking for issues with the bones of the story, AKA the plot. Google Docs helps. I’m leaving comments. Fixing. Writing down the main action of each chapter on note cards so I can visually see where the story is going near my desk, and also keeping a master list on Google Doc. In the chart I created, I include the chapter number, a few details to remind me what the chapter is about, a brief mission statement for the chapter (what’s the point? why?), and then notes about big things I need to add or subtract to make the story flow and be believable.

It’s helping but it’s slowing me down. Since I have three little ones at home I have to steal whatever time I can get and the constant stop and go work on my story breaks up my own flow and concentration and I feel like I’m constantly having to remember where I left off to get back into the groove. The chart and note cards are helping.

This turtle moves on, one slow step at a time.

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