Sunday Pep Talk

Dear Self,

Sunday is a great day to go to the local coffee shop, sans children or husband or your to-do list, and write. Just write.

Of course, you will get distracted on Pinterest, Facebook, and start working on the news article that you need to do by December 3rd. BUT–you will remember your cardinal rule for yourself–write 500 words, take a break and do something else (briefly), and then do another 500. It’s the 500 Chunking Rule. 500 is manageable. 500 is respectable in terms of progress.

Sunday is also a great day to plan out the new week. It’s always great to start the week off with a plan, full of enthusiasm, and ready to be productive.

You have almost 40,000 words written since November started. You need 50K. Keep plugging away. Force yourself. Sit your but down and don’t quit until you’ve met your daily quota. It’s all about persistence, work ethic, dedication, and a commitment to what you know will work.

Just here to say good job, keep it up, and get back to your next 500.


Your Observing Ego

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