Tuesday Pep Talk

Dear Self,

It’s 2AM in Israel and you really should go to sleep. Jet lag is kicking ass again, but fight it. Normal schedule= better for writing. Tonight you finished your 1000 word quota just before 1:45AM. Talk about procrastination. I’m not sure if it’s good or crap or a little of both, but it’s done. Keep working to finish scene 1 and then go back and revise. That’s the plan. It could change, but that’s the beauty of it: constantly evolving.

In between eating too much when you visit family and carving out bits and pieces of time after the kids go to sleep to write (after fiddling around on social media…whatsapp is dangerous…who can write with 5 simultaneous convos going on?) you are busy swimming in the delicious Mediterranean Sea, where the water is warm and gentle and salty. Don’t forget to find some time to do your quota. Always meet your quota. 

Tomorrow’s goals: 1K words, start reading a bit of a new book, work on writing skills, and visualize goals.



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