Vacation Departure Checklist

Whenever I go on vacation, I like to make lists. Okay, I admit, I like lists even when I’m not on vacation. I have lists for lists for lists. I’m addicted to organization, or at least the pursuit of organization.

So, before I leave on a trip, I naturally will have a “departure checklist.” Let me share with you mine:

  1. Pick up dry cleaning
  2. Copies of our passports and important docs
  3. Make a list of valuables that we are bringing, including their serial numbers, makes, models, and take photos of them.
  4. Double-check airline check-in policies and baggage requirements.
  5. Give dad copies of our docs
  6. Confirm cc and bank know our plans
  7. Confirm with cell phone company their international rates. Get it official.
  8. Clear unnecessary cards and stuff from our wallets
  9. PAY BILLS! Schedule future bills.
  10. Clean the van
  11. Final laundry
  12. Wash disposable diapers
  13. Present for my cousin’s kid
  14. Host present for my cousins
  15. Prep camera: clear memory, extra chargers, case, etc
  16. Charge electronics (kindle, computers, tablets, phones)
  17. Clean beds
  18. De-clutter and organize entire house
  19. Mop floors
  20. Clean bathrooms
  21. Clean out fridge
  22. Clean up backyard
  23. Plant tree
  24. Weed the garden
  25. Go over garden plan with the neighbors (watering plants)
  26. Give neighbors our travel plans
  27. Pack toiletries, shoes
  28. Pack electronics and chargers
  29. Double-check packed bags, going through list
  30. Give pet sitter information
  31. Prepare dog’s stuff: food, collar, bone, etc
  32. Spray perimeter of house for ants/bugs
  33. Unplug electronics. Make sure AC is off.
  34. Timer lights in various locations of our house
  35. Confirm prescriptions on us
  36. Secure lighting, water, and other house safety measures. Secure valuables.
  37. Throw away all trash in trash cans
  38. Pack stroller and tire pump
  39. Confirm reservations and paperwork on me. Travel books too.
  40. Print tickets
  41. Put a hold on mail
  42. Confirm reservations w/apt owner
  43. Clarify rental policy for car abroad

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