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Vacation Departure Checklist

Whenever I go on vacation, I like to make lists. Okay, I admit, I like lists even when I’m not on vacation. I have lists for lists for lists. I’m addicted to organization, or at least the pursuit of organization. So, before I leave on a trip, I naturally will have a “departure checklist.” Let…

What I’m Doing

I’m in the process of making a detailed outline for my next story. After experiencing almost every approach (no outline, loose outline, etc), I’ve decided that my next step is a detailed outline with enough time to plan out the plot, character development,¬†etc. I’m trying to slow down and work out the intricacies of the…

Tuesday Pep Talk

Dear Me, Today you will follow the plan and make amazing progress on chapter 4. Add and subtract and trust your creative instincts. Fake it til you make it. Plan Paris trip. Run. Read and practice flashcards with kids. From, Me familypep talktravelwriting