What I’m Doing

I’m in the process of making a detailed outline for my next story. After experiencing almost every approach (no outline, loose outline, etc), I’ve decided that my next step is a detailed outline with enough time to plan out the plot, character development, etc.

I’m trying to slow down and work out the intricacies of the story before I jump into the writing. I find myself always eager to write when I have a new idea. I can’t help it, I just get ridiculously excited about it. This time I’m growing comfortable with the idea of taking my time and really thinking things through.

It’s fun. I’m learning, evolving, and enjoying the process. I’m in a happy place.

In other news, I’ll be jet-setting off to Paris soon, where I have high hopes of finding a cute cafe to write in, channeling my inner Hemingway. I’m looking forward to strolls through the park with my kids, enjoying a cup of coffee in the apartment I’m renting with views of the city, eating crepes, checking out awesome art, and just taking it all in. 

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