My Two Cents: Getting the Results You Want

You can package what I’m about to say in any number of ways. I’ve read a lot of books addressing the issue of motivation and success and really they all get to the same spot on the top of the mountain using slightly different paths.

I’m talking about getting shit done. 

There’s no better way of putting it. How do we accomplish our goals? How do we lose the extra pounds or get out of a bad relationship or find the career of our dreams?

It all boils down to getting shit done. Just do it. Take the time to plan it out and follow your plan. Start with baby steps, anything will help. I always remember learning in high school physics about an “object in motion stays in motion.” So true! Get off your rump and work toward your goal every single day. Give it your very best. Don’t make excuses. 

I have to say, I’m sick and tired of lazy people and their lazy excuses. I’ve been working out and really watching my food intake, paying close attention to the quality of my food. I watch sodium and sugar and fats and carbs and the whole shebang of what could eventually kill you in large doses. So, I’m happy to report I weight less than I did in the ninth grade. Seriously, it’s amazing. But it takes hard work. I run 6 out of 7 days no matter what. I’ve made it a habit.

You might be thinking in your head that you’re too busy and I must have lots of free time or maybe I’m a stay at home mom with a sugardaddy of a husband.


I work full time. I’m active in committees and organizations and I’m also a very dedicated mother, so I have something going on (usually multiple things going on) every single day. I don’t take naps. I don’t rest. I milk the time I have and try to prioritize. I’m not perfect and there is always room to improve, but goddamit I don’t have any free time and I certainly wasn’t gifted with magic metabolism. I work hard for what I have. 

I say this because so many people I know will throw an excuse right in my face. 

Them: “I’m too busy.”      Me (in my head): So am I!!!!

Them: “I get home too late.”      Me (in my head): So do I!!!!

Them: “I have kids.”     Me (in my head): I have more (and younger) kids than you do!!

Them: “I have too many other things to do.”    Me: (in my head) “I have more things than you to do.”

Them: “You’re lucky you’re skinny.”   Me: (in my head) I guess if you count running every day and dieting as lucky, then yes, I’m lucky.” 

Seriously, this goes beyond physical fitness even. So many excuses. So many reasons not to succeed. It makes me so sad. If everyone found at least one thing they loved in life and gave it their all, I wonder what the world would look like.

Okay, I’m done with my rant. 

But seriously, go do something in your life. Excuses or results…you choose.


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