Thursday Pep Talk

Dear Me,

Your momentum has an ebb and flow to it, but right now it’s all about the flow, so make your writing a priority. You are easily distracted by the laundry list of tasks to do in your life, but you must get better at compartmentalizing and figuring out priorities. Writing is definitely on your “A” list and must be treated as such.

You do well when you are simultaneously reading. Lately you’re reading a lot of non-fiction. The books are interesting and making you well-rounded, but don’t forget to infuse fiction into your reading diet too.

Your goal is to finish the outline for your third story before you go on your trip this summer. When you are sitting in a Parisian cafe it’s going to be all about the writing. And dreaming and scheming and wondering how to make your place in this world. 

Now get to work.


Your Observing Ego

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