The Stress of Life

So many thoughts running through my mind.

Wondering if I should take up opportunities that challenge me and force me to grow and stretch myself beyond my comfort zone. Are they worth it? Should I spend the effort and energy? Should I skip it and continue on the same path?

Wondering if I’m focusing on the “right” priorities. Am I spending too much time doing things that aren’t as important to me? How can I find time to do the things I want to do.

Trying to balance my life and priorities and chores and so forth with time with my kids. Contemplating how to feel comfortable skipping chores in favor of coloring with the kids, or forfeiting my exercise to take them on a walk or a bike ride. Am I spending enough time with them? How can I do better?

Trying to deal with stressful nights when the baby won’t go to bed and I really, really want to write or exercise or do something on my to do list, and trying not to feel like pond scum when the only thing I end up doing is going to bed.

Guys, it’s so hard. Trying to stay grounded and balanced is a full-time job on top of your 5 other full-time jobs and often times no matter what you do it’s hard to feel like a “winner.”

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