Sharing Inspiration

One of the wonderful things about being a woman is how we learn from other women. That can actually cut both ways.

Recently somebody told me about a person they knew who had a rough start breastfeeding. No, this isn’t going to be a breastfeeding story. It’s more about connections with other women. So, she tries to breastfeed, has a hard time, and then quits. Now she’s jealous of somebody she knows who has a successful breastfeeding relationship with their 9 month old. I couldn’t help but think that in the old days  a woman would have been surrounded by others who breastfed. Those women could help. They could encourage and share and uplift the new mother and in the end, she was most likely going to successfully breastfeed.

Women need other women. We need friends and family and acquaintances to teach us. We need trailblazers.

I thrive when I am around successful, ambitious people (men or women, but particularly women). It raises the bar for me and I innately want to do better. Reach higher.

So let me share with you a few of my recent discoveries, from one woman to another (or to another male if he feels so inclined to take inspiration away). Really, it’s our human connections that make us stronger and better and more confident. We’re all in this together. Two heads are better than one.

For Reading: 

Always reading something fiction and something non-fiction.

And every summer, I read a Shakespeare story. This year I’ll dig in to The Tempest.


Wild by Cheryl Strayed. It made me long for the times I used to backpack in the Sierras (although she actually skipped the Sierras when she hiked the PCT). It’s a good book and you’ll be able to easily visualize all of the feelings you have backpacking in the great outdoors. I also saw the movie. Now I can’t run without listening to Simon and Garfunkle’s El Pasa Condor. Try it.

For Cooking

Low sodium, whole wheat, low sugar, natural, fresh, vegetables & fruit, variety, small portions.

One Pan Mexican Quinoa. I bought something similar at Sprouts a week ago and it was really good, quick, and my family though it was more planned out than it was. Literally take from the freezer to the pan and a few minutes later done. I found this one pan recipe online and with a few tweeks (adding onion, bell peppers, roasted corn, and brown and/or red rice) I think it will be a better alternative. The one I bought from Sprouts was too high in sodium for my liking.


Strawberry Spinach Salad. I’m on a kick of making my own salad dressing. This one does have sugar, which I have yet to resolve, but it’s really good! I made it for a party and the guests gobbled it up.

Honey Garlic Crunch Chicken Tenders. I made this with whole wheat flour and my family loved it.

For Me

Writing a list of what I’m grateful for. Keeping a handwritten journal.

Running three miles even if I don’t want to.

Sneaking out for dinner with a friend.

This quote by Jillian Michaels: “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!” I repeat it several times a day.

lands end

Lands End Swim Tee Rash Guard. I don’t want skin cancer. This is what I’ll be sporting while I frolic outside with my kids.


LunchBot Bento Box. I bought this. It’s awesome for portion control and not having to carry a zillion containers to work for lunch.

For the Family:

Weekly “family movie night.” Netflix dvd and something special to eat. They think it’s awesome.

Full Time Kid: kid-friendly Youtube show

Scheduling dates with individual kids. Coming up: movie with my son. Park with my daughter. Just them. Undivided mom attention.

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