Writing Tip: Google Doc

I’m a busy woman who doesn’t have time to transfer files from computer-to-computer or carrying around a flash drive. When I have a moment to write, I need to write. Every minute is precious.

I started using Google Doc when I was nearing the end of my pregnancy and tired all the time. I got sick of getting up and having to find my flash drive every time the urge to write came on.

It’s been awesome. Check it out:

  • Access your files anywhere. Granted you’ll need an Internet connection, but this has been awesome for me.
  • No need to do a zillion back-ups. I still print copies and keep final versions elsewhere, but it alleviates a lot of stress regarding backing up your files.
  • Read and edit work on your cell phone. When I’m nursing the baby in the middle of the night, it’s wonderful to be able to play around with my work right on my phone. Very convenient.
  • Use the comment feature to leave yourself notes. It highlights the text and you can leave a comment on the side. I’m using it all the time and find it very useful as far as organizing notes to myself.
  • Easy print features.
  • Add-on apps, such as a thesaurus.
  • Share documents with others and let them comment for easy feedback.

I’m really a newbie at using it for the purposes of my writing (I’ve used it at work), but I’m so happy I started.

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