I’ve been super lame around here. Been busy doing various things. Oh yeah, and 36 weeks pregnant.

I was diligent about writing until I got the flu last weekend, and then in a blink of an eye three days went by of me sick in bed, too tired to write.

On day 4 of no writing I woke up at 3:30AM and dragged my butt out of bed and declared that was the day I’d start writing again even if everything still hurt. And I did. That was yesterday.

I’m back at it again today. I’m a huge advocate for the physics law of an object in motion stays in motion.

One good thing about being sick was that it allowed me to read this excellent book that I highly recommend:

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

self editing for fiction writers

link to book

I found it very useful and it has already changed the way I write. I went through and marked the a-ha nuggets of information and plan to go back and type out my notes for future reference, and just for the opportunity to re-read all the ideas I got from the book. Lots of practical advice, and after having read tons of writing books, I found this one gave useful fresh perspective about some really important basics about writing. It goes beyond just the tired mantra “show don’t tell” and actually shows you what that looks like.

When I can find something on a topic I’ve extensively read, and that something gives me enlightening information, I feel like I hit the jackpot.

Go read it!

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