What I’m Enjoying

I try to (somewhat) frequently pause from my regularly scheduled tempo of life to think about the tiny things that make me happy. Sometimes I have to remind myself to do this, but when it happens, I find it very encouraging. I’m not talking about the big events like getting published or giving birth–those are a given and are easily celebrated. I’m talking about the easily overlooked moments in our life that bring us joy.

Recently I reflected on the last few weeks and what filled my happy tank.

Rainy Days

rainy day

We live in a place where rain is unusual and still fascinating, even after being on this earth for several decades. My son has enjoyed maybe three good rain days in his 5 years of life. Seriously. So when it started to pour after school, I watched him in my rearview mirror, noticing the way his eyes got big with curiosity and lust for adventure. Children are a great reminder  of “beginner eyes”–seeing something you’ve seen many times before as if it were the first time. The excitement, simple joy and fascination for things in our life that are otherwise dismissed as mundane and uneventful can be surprisingly refreshing and a necessary reminder of everything we take for granted.

Me: Do you want to stay outside in the rain?

Him: (his face lighting up) Yes!!!

Why not?

Other rain-related enjoyables:

*writing in the evening by the slightly open window, listening to the tap-tap-tap of the rain as I type and create, a lit candle for ambiance and a hot cup of tea for comfort.

*coming home and jumping right into my pajamas, because getting cozy is a requirement on a cold  and wet day.

*not needing an excuse to stay inside the house. Crackling fire, the soft glow of Christmas lights…these little things alone are enough to make the shorter, colder days more bearable.

Surprise Notes


I keep a pad of paper next to my bed. I also keep paper in the bathroom, in every purse and backpack and laptop bag I ever use, in the kitchen, in my car…you get the point. I like writing things done, obviously.

Sometimes I discover that my notebook of thoughts get hijacked by an equally creative and thoughtful human being who is emerging as an independent thinker with a ton of ideas to unleash in this big, crazy world.

The Outdoors


Taking time out of a busy schedule to spend time in fresh air, amongst sprawling trees and the multitude of sticks on the ground that are fun to turn into laser pointers and projectile toys or whatever a child’s mind can imagine.

And while enjoying the great outdoors, why not go on peacock feather hunt?


What little things have been filling your happy tank lately? 

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