No Pep Talk

I wanted to write a pep talk today. I need to write and work on my story (I never say novel…somehow “my story” is the only way I know how to talk about it). But…

…it’s been a long week.

…I’m tired.

…after having a long, busy day of dealing with quite a few stupid people, I came home with the kids to an email I had to address (and pissed me off…more stupid people doing stupid things), and while I did that the kids threw Cheerios everywhere…which made me…wait for it…tired. Tired in the way that zaps any creative juice you had any chance of squeezing out of your tired body and mind.

…about a month ago my four year old declared Fridays “Family Movie Night.” He’s right. Friday nights are for being with your loved ones, not your work.

…watching a movie and/or settling in bed with a book sounds dreamy.

I’ll make time tomorrow. Until then, all else in life can wait. Good night.

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