Saturday Pep Talk

Dear Self,

Another busy week is nearly over and you have yet to carve out time for your personal goals. The juggling act of work and community and family is noble and important and keeps you feeling ambitious and productive, but it is not kind to your writing. You must carve out time. Today when you sit down to make next week’s schedule, you are to making a standing commitment to yourself that will give you at least two hours at a time to focus on being alone and creating good fiction. You will feel pulled in other directions. You will feel inadequate in other domains, but life is a juggling act, and to keep all of your balls in the air you have to be able to maneuver each task in the “air” and be able to catch each one skillfully. It takes practice. It takes patience, but most of all it takes persistence to keep carving out that time.

Goal update from last week: chapter 2 almost done. Got a little behind the last few days.

Goals for this week: 1 weekday and 1 weekend day kids-free with 1-2 hours to write. Also, plan to move on to chapter 3.


Your Observing Ego

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