Saturday Pep Talk

Dear Me,

Sometimes (okay, all the time) it is so easy to get lost in the small details of a task. Right now I’m feeling overwhelmed editing chapter 2. Most sources say to write your first draft through without editing because of this exact problem, but having tried the method of writing straight through before editing I realized that wasn’t for me. But why is it fixing a sentence or paragraph seems to paralyze me?

The solution is to push on and do it. Keep doing it, and then suddenly it doesn’t feel like an enormous, horrid task, but rather something comfortable and even fun. Just keep pushing.

I just need to start.

Self, I think it’s time for a deadline. You need to read-through chapter 2 and make it sparkle by a week from today. Bit-by-bit. Make it a priority. An object in motion stays in motion.

Ready, set, go!


Your Observing Ego

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