Hello Me,

Yesterday sucked. You worked from 7AM -6:30 doing union business and by the time you got home you wanted to devote yourself to your kids and regular obligations and it just felt so, so stressful. 

I need to schedule my time better. I can think of at least one committment around 3:30 that I should have said “no” to and it would have made my life so much easier. Oh well, live and learn.

I really like the idea of establishing “mini habits.” Sort of like taking baby steps by planning small goals.

Here are mine:

– read for 10 minutes

-practice Buddhism for 10 minutes

– 30 min. playing with my kids

-30 minutes running

-100 ab crunches

-10 push-ups

-20 minutes working on my travel plans

-10 minutes working on my son’s literacy

-30 minutes writing

-10 minutes planning next outline

-10 minutes reflecting

I’m sure I left something valuable off the list, but this is what I’m going to try to do next week. 

In other news, for Friday, I need to:

– revise chapter 4, scene 2 and beef it up a bit. Some parts feel hurried. 

-continue working on my outline

-do miscellaneous things on the to-do list





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