Pep Talk–Wednesday

Dear Me,

Your momentum is going nicely–keep it up. Reading and reflecting and pushing myself to be creative seems to fuel productivity. I like it.
What I want to work on from Steal Like an Artist (by the way, I need to post about this later. I liked this book a lot!):
– keep a lot of projects bouncing around. 
– make friends, ignore enemies
– take care of myself
– figure out what time I can carve out and stick to routine
– creativity is subtraction. Choose what to leave out. 
– place constraints on myself and make it work.
Also, continue the neverending endeavor of finding balance in my life. I am a mother first. Always remember that and never feel guilty. That said, I am also a writer and it is a part of my life that should not collect dust on a forgotten shelf. Keep it coming.

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