I am going to a training the first week of August , about 45 minutes away, at least an hour during traffic.

It’s from Sunday mid-day to Thursday mid-day. They’ve booked a room for me. 

I’m struggling with what I imagine most moms struggle with—the idea of leaving my babies behind with their dad. I’ve never really been away from my kids. My four year old has been away from me exactly twice: the night I had his sister, and once he spent the night with his grandparents. My daughter (1 year old) has never been away from me.

My husband is leaving the week later on a trip to NYC. He’s not feeling guilty about leaving.

But I’m here grappling with the decision to go, trying to work out commuting home for a few days to see the kids for a few hours before leaving early the next morning. Or perhaps have the kids come see me for the night. It seems stupid. I should get a day or two off. But I’m still struggling. Struggling like every other mother, trying to muddle my way through the balancing act of life. 

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