Cinco de Mayo Pep Talk

I started a tradition of emailing myself a “pep talk” the night before. Then, the day of, I open it up and remind myself of everything I want to remember.

Here it goes. Don’t laugh.


Dear Self,

You need to finish chapter 3. STAT. No more hang-ups. Just do it. 

Work on your next outline for story #3. You’re going to kick ass on the next story pulling together everything you’ve learned. Can’t wait to get started!!!
Think about Ursula Le Guin and Neil Gaiman and Ray Bradbury. Think about writing in Europe all summer once you’re a published writer, sipping a glass of French wine while you work on your latest book. Think about the awesome example I can be to the kids…their mom a writer!! 
You need to run and lose weight. 134…that’s the goal. 
Time with the kids. Let Ethan take his bubble bath with Eloise tomorrow. Read a book with them and work on Ethan’s sight words. 
Optimistic Self

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